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Sole-Magic 3-Pack

Save $3.00 when you order our 3-Pack!

The Sole-magic Foot Smoothing Pad is the ORIGINAL soft and flexible product for exfoliating that rough, dry, cracked skin from all areas of your feet.

Unlike  pumice stones, foot files, metal graters, and even those new-fangled motorized rollers, the Sole-magic Foot Smoothing Pad is the ONLY product that is both soft and flexible. This enables it to easily conform to all areas of your foot. No more missed spots...Sole-magic gets them all, even those hard to reach places like around your toes.

Let's face it, ALL of those other products are hard and rigid...they can only touch one tiny little area of your foot at a time, and some spots they can't even get to. It's no wonder your feet never really feel smooth. But not Sole-magic! With its soft foam core, and Derma-Grit abrasive coating, Sole-magic removes the rough, dry, callused skin from every contour of your foot, quickly and easily. As an added bonus, Sole-magic can be used Wet or Dry. 

With our 3-pack you can keep one in the tub or shower, one to use DRY, and have an extra one for travel.

So, throw away those STICKS & STONES !  Sole-magic is all you need for beautiful smooth feet. Order your's today!


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